Balloon Garland Kit - In the Clouds

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Balloons have their way of adding a festive flair, but take it even further with this balloon garland kit to create the ultimate wow factor! This 'In the Clouds' Balloon Garland Kit is the perfect statement piece for any baby or bridal shower or birthday party! Add in your own elements to cater to your unique theme! 

Clean, bright whites create this modern look to add to your party table scape. Hang it, drape it, or cascade it - you can't go wrong - and the best part is that you can say you did it yourself! 



Included in the 75" and 120" kits:

  • assortment of 5" + 11" + 18" latex balloons
  • 16" white paper fan 
  • decorating balloon strip
  • air hand pump
  • white honeycomb lantern