Heart Balloon Wand Mini Activity

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Spread more love with the wave of this magical heart wand! Craft these adorable wands with your little ones to emphasize love, friendship, kindness, and gratitude for all the love you have you your lives! This mini kit includes all the materials needed to put it together. Great to send to friends or neighbors, each mini kit comes individually packed in a clear cellophane bag.

Suitable for kids ages 4+. There are many benefits to tapping into your little one's creativity - our favorite being that it allows them to enter their happy zone :) Check back for new releases of this monthly creative kit!

Includes everything you need to make ONE wand
> mini latex heart balloon
> balloon stick + cup attachment
> streamers
> yarn
> cardstock
> step-by-step directions + video to assemble

This mini activity is included in our featured Creative Kit - the LOVE kit!

suitable for ages 3+
Heart Balloon Wand Mini Activity
Heart Balloon Wand Mini Activity