Creative Craft Kit

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Welcome to our world of CREATIVITY (for kids!) This DIY Creative Craft Kit for kids promotes imagination, creativity, and innovation - Perfect to sprinkle some fun in for summer days spent at home! Each activity includes step by step instructions and materials to make it EASY, engaging, and fun without breaking the bank or the stress of digging out all the materials. Available to purchase as individual crafts or get 6 crafts in 1 box! The 6-in-1 kit features SIX simple, extendable, and repeatable activities suitable for kids ages 4+.

There are many benefits to tapping into your little one's creativity - our favorite being that it allows them to enter their happy zone :)

The 6-in-1 kit includes:

  • Simple Green Smoothies [a yummy way to squeeze in those veggies]
    • recipe only
  • Cookie Cutter Sandwiches [make sandwiches fun again!]
    • includes 4" star cookie cutter
  • *Banilla bites [a yummy dessert or special treat!]
    • includes nilla wafers + sprinkles
  • *Bingo Scavenger Hunt [enjoy the outdoors, and give it a purpose!]
    • includes BINGO card, blank card to create your own, card markers
  • *Wooden Catapult Craft [when science, engineering, math, and art ALL come into play!
    • includes jumbo craft sticks, wooden spoons, rubber bands
  • *Backpack Charms [a FAN FAVORITE activity - design your own keychain!
    • includes wooden beads, wooden dowel, mini tassel, animal charm, paint + brush

Each activity is individually wrapped and includes step by step instructions
*indicates activities that are available for individual purchase

Creativity has many benefits - one being that it's FUN and allows us to enter our happy zone. Take a brain break with our Creative Kits that are designed by teachers to stimulate imagination, innovation, and creative fun! 

suitable for ages 4+
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Creative Craft Kit
Creative Craft Kit
Creative Craft Kit
Creative Craft Kit