Cookie Decorating 101 with @compactcookies

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Cookie Decorating 101

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Get cozy with @compactcookies in everything you need to know about royal icing + decorating your own custom sugar cookies! 

In this SPECIAL 3 hour cookie decorating workshop, you will have your hand in

  • mixing royal icing
  • learning about icing consistency and why getting it right is everything!
  • tips and techniques to using a piping bag

Swag, you ask? Don’t worry. We are not sending you out empty-handed. Skills are cool, but free swag is jus a tad better! Take home:

• our “not so secret anymore” cookie dough + Royal icing recipes and note card (to doodle on - of course!)

• a list of awesome local baking supply stores

• a personalized cookie 

• your very own cookie cutter to start your cookie decorating journey!

• a set of 6 Instagram-ready cookies with 3 adorable designs you custom made!

Packaged, bowed and ready to go!

Cookie Decorating 101 with @compactcookies
Cookie Decorating 101 with @compactcookies