Space Valentine Card Kit - 12 Count

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This Space Valentines Card kit has everything needed to create some non-candy valentines that are simply stellar! 

These adorable valentines are perfect for little friends and loved ones! Assembly is easy - All you have to do is tie each figurine to each card, sign your name, and they're ready to go! Putting your valentines together are just the thing to practice name writing and the act of gifting and kindness! Your friends will love receiving these valentines to fill their day with love!

3 card sayings:
- "Let's never put SPACE between us"
- "Over the MOON for you"
- "I have a BLAST with you"

Included in this Set:
- 12 cards (4 of each saying)
- 12 2inch space theme figurines

Space Valentine Card Kit - 12 Count
Space Valentine Card Kit - 12 Count