A new way to party & play at home.

Live, party, and learn with Cottonwood Home - a kids lifestyle company! We believe in the power of creativity and the importance of spending quality time together at home.

 craft kit for kids

What to expect with your monthly Creative Kit: 

+ SIX themed crafts, materials included! - we've done the work for you in bringing you season favorite crafts + activities to celebrate each month! Each kit conveniently includes most materials & step by step instructions to make crafting enjoyable and stress free!
+ MORE quality time - kindle those memorable family moments by creating with your child—without having to plan or prep a thing yourself.
tap into your CREATIVITY  - creativity is known to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and more innovative thinkers! 
when LEARNING meets PLAY - designed by real educators to ensure that your little ones are engaged in rich learning experiences while having fun!  
+ HAPPY MAIL coming your way - Who doesn’t love receiving a package on their doorstep? There's nothing like smiles all around when our Creative Kits arrive!