Paper Tassel Garland - Orange Gold

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Paper tassel garlands are the perfect way to add a striking pop of color to any party! Earthy bright citrus tones of orange, blush, ivory, and gold create this modern, refreshed look to your next event. Hang it along a table edge, attach it to an oversized balloon, or around a baby high chair - you can't go wrong! Reuse it over and over again or hang it in your home to keep the festivity going!

We love this paper tassel garland to celebrate any sweet clementine, little cutie theme baby shower, bridal shower, or citrus theme party!

Each garland comes assembled and ready to hang on a cotton twine. Each tassel is secured with a twist tie and can be adjusted to achieve the spacing that you desire.

Available in 3 lengths:
+ 4 ft/8 tassels
+ 5 ft/12 tassels
+ 6 ft/ 16 tassels


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