watching the SUPER BOWL with the kids

superbowl party
Football Sundays and young children sometimes just aren't the ideal mix. Enjoying some game time (like the good ol' days) doesn't have to be non-existent though. The trick is to keep the kids engagedToday we're sharing some fun ways to tackle football viewing so that everyone is equally entertained! Give them a try and let us know how it goes in your home! 
1. D E C O R A T E

Nothing gets kids more excited than transforming space to become more festive! This DIY yard line garland can hang above your concession stand or along your entertainment center! Our kraft garland can easily be personalized with your favorite team. Or Balloon garlands are another way to add some color to your space! 
2. T H E M E D   F O O D

What's a Super Bowl without the food and snacks?! Cupcake toppers in finger foods are fun and easy! You can also use a football shape cookie cutter to cut their favorite foods (think football shaped sandwiches). The excitement over using a cookie cutter and eating different shaped foods, well, let's just call that a touchdown!
3. G A M E S  +  A C T I V I T I E S  
superbowl bingo with the kids
    My last little tidbit is to have some EASY games or activities that will keep them engaged. You know, the kind where you can watch the game and still pay attention to them. I love this version of Bingo from A Girl and a Glue Gun where the kids have to actually pay attention to the football game in order to make advances on their card. 

    With these ideas in play, Super Bowl Sunday can score big points with the entire family. Let us know if you have any other ideas on how to keep everyone involved on game day!
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    superbowl party ideas


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