Monster Dipped Wafer Crisps

Turn store bought wafers into spooky, cute, scrumptious treats! Gather materials that you have on hand and get creative in decorating them together to see who can create the spookiest characters! 

Making them is easy! We picked up some store bought wafers, but really, you can use whatever you have on hand - pretzel sticks, biscuit sticks, rice crispy treats, crackers. In addition, you'll also need some candy eyes, candy melts, assorted sprinkles, and parchment paper.

halloween dipped wafers

To make your monsters, melt your candy melts in 30 second intervals in the microwave. Stir and repeat until your candy melts are a smooth consistency (add a drop or 2 of cooking oil to thin out the mixture if needed!) Dip each wafer into the melted mixture then place on a sheet of parchment paper. While the dipped wafer is still wet (they do dry pretty quickly!), carefully add candy eyes, and sprinkles to create the faces of each monster! Kids will love getting creative and hands-on in making these silly monsters come to life! 

 monster dipped wafers

Pack these up as a fun lunch box surprise, spook-ify a halloween themed snack board, or wrap them up for friends and neighbors! For more Halloween handouts, be sure to check out our Glowstick Broom Handouts and our Ghost Balloon Grams

halloween kids treats

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