How to Set a Kids Table They'll Love This Thanksgiving

how to set up an interactive kids table they'll love this thanksgiving 

Engage the kids this holiday season with more than just food. Set up an interactive kids table that they will love, enjoy, and -- get ready for this - stay busy with! There’s nothing like “breaking the bread” with others by setting up a designated area just for them! For one, they can practice hospitality and sharing their home with guests as the host/hostess! It also makes it easier to bond with peers when they're sitting close in proximity and plays a critical role in developing friendships! I adore quality time with the kiddos, but sometimes we want to be adults too and hang with the grown-ups. *Insert wine here* Here are some tips for setting up an effortless kids table they'll love while building their independence and social-emotional skills!

1. No New Furniture

No need for buying mini furniture or any new furniture for that matter. We just pushed together some play tables and voila! A table their size!


2. Art Paper as a Table Cloth

Don’t think twice about letting ‘em get messy. We covered our tables with a roll of art paper so they could not only make artistic creations on the tables, but also makes for an easy clean-up after all that grub.

Using art paper as a tablecloth for the perfect kids table

3. Interactive Placemats

An additional decor piece to make things just a little more formal. We’re loving these dotted ones that are included in our Thanksgiving holiday bundle for them to connect the dots for an artistic design or make fun games to break the ice amongst the other kids at the table.

Using an interactive placemat to set up a kids table

4. Communal Crayons + Art Supplies

I love setting out communal crayons and other art supplies (whatever you’re comfortable with!) to cultivate a sense of community and sharing (so sneaky hehe). They also add a lot of fun color to the tablescape! We also like packaging them with pom pom cake toppers for the kids take home as an extra favor for our guests!

Setting up a Thanksgiving kids table using communal art suppliescute crayons for the kids table at thanksgiving

5. Interactive Checklist

Kids can be picky eaters, so we created this little checklist of things that will be served at dinner at each place setting. The act of checking things off will make trying new foods exciting and they will most likely find something new they enjoy eating! A true win-win.

Using an interactive checklist for the kids table at thanksgiving

Do you have little tips and tricks you incorporate at your Thanksgiving dinner? We’d love to hear about them!

In the meantime, you can shop our Thanksgiving section for easy add ons to your Thanksgiving tablescape. For even more convenience, check out our Thanksgiving holiday bundle to get the entire kids table set up in one click!

setting up an interactive kids table at thanksgiving to build social emotional skillssetting up an interactive kids table at thanksgiving to build social emotional skills setting up an interactive kids table at thanksgiving to build social emotional skills


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