How To Make Mothers Day More Meaningful

make mothers day meaningfulPhoto by Rustic Vegan on Unsplash

Mommin’ ain’t easy and there simply aren't enough things you can buy to show Mom how much you appreciate her in just one day. The truth is, she probably just wants a little more sleep and a little less stress. Ditch the pricey gifts this year and read on for some tips to make mothers day a little more meaningful for your favorite ladies.

flowers for mothers day 1. For starters, flowers might be cliche, but they’re the perfect start to showing your appreciation! Grab a bouquet of your mother’s fave flowers to create many mini bouquets or a personalized centerpiece - there's nothing that conveys thoughtfulness more beautifully (and aromatically!) than flowers :) For inspiration on how to create your own, check out our latest blog post

host mothers day brunch2. While everyone loves a nice brunch in the trendiest part of town, hosting Mother’s Day brunch at home allows you the comfort and flexibility to impress. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of reservations or the busy chatter of the table next to you. 

diy photo garland3. Dig out some photos of your best memories together to create this DIY photo garland. Kids can get restless after sitting at the table, and a craft like this is a great way to keep the little ones occupied.

mothers day photo card4. Finding the perfect Mother’s Day card can be tricky, but we found the perfect one for you. The best part? You can make it at home with ease! This card is so cute, it’ll guarantee the prime spot on the fridge. Here’s how to make it:

  • Take 2 separate photos of your child - the first photo from the shoulders up, the second photo from the shoulders down, having your child hold their hands in the shape of a heart
  • Print each image twice (3x3"), formatting the duplicate images stacked and rotated 180 degrees. 
  • cut and fold the two "cards"
  • punch a hole at the top of each "card". Thread and tape twine through both to connect.
  • don't forget to have your child sign the card!

Or in the case that you do want to get her a little something special - gift her a creative workshop and spend the day making special memories together! 

How do you celebrate Mom? We'd love to hear your ideas! Share in the comments below!



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