Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer with the Family [FREE printable]

School’s out - now what?! With more sun-shiny days ahead, the fun will never end! Make the most out of your summer with the fam using our Celebrate Summer Family Fun Guide! Get started today, or save this in your back pocket for that, you know, part of the summer when you're just counting down the days 'til school starts back up again - lol. Regardless, these are fun and easy AND a good reminder that joy can be found in the simplest pleasures :) - but even more so when experiences are shared amongst the ones you love most! 

The printable is super cute and colorful, and totally worthy of being boasted on the fridge. Check off each box accordingly or keep things fun with a sticker or stamp! You can even do them over and over again (like the number of times you've watched their favorite movie!) And if you finish our summer check list, check out some of our summer workshops for an added splash of adventure and fun!

Are there things you love doing in the summer as a family?? Share in the comments below! 

Download your own copy of Celebrating Summer: Family Fun Guide below!



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