Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids That Spark Imagination

Do you feel like your kids have either TOO MUCH STUFF or TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME and when the holidays or a birthday rolls around you feel stuck between choosing the less of the two evils because of a time crunch?  In the age of abundance, raising happy and productive kids is about the right intention and means. At Cottonwood Home, we understand that parents always intend to gift their kids imagination or connection but simply don’t always have time to find the right means.  So this holiday, we are sharing a list of gifts designed to inspire growth through love and creativity!
Here are our picks for thoughtful gifts that really promote imagination, connection and long-lasting memories. Keep scrolling for each gift’s description.

Preschoolers, AGES 3-5

1. Take a time out from technology and foster cognitive and social-emotional growth with these Magnetic Play Scenes ($24). Compact and full of imagination, they will enjoy manipulating and creating endless scenarios as they take them on the go! More gift ideas for Preschoolers.

2. Promote social-emotional skills with our Olli Ella Holdie House ($69)! This dollhouse is designed to take on the go to share with friends. Bring this along with him or her on a playdate and it’ll keep ‘em busy for hours on end of imaginary play.  When it is not being played, it functions as a chic piece of decor too! More gift ideas for Preschoolers.

3. Help your kids get lost in a book with this structured Bean Bag Chair ($75). Every child loves having their own seat - it offers a sense of belonging and security! Suuuper comfortable, you won't believe it’s made out of recycled material! More gift ideas for Preschoolers.

Big Kids, Ages 6-10


4. Teach them about the concept of time through these handmade Perpetual Calendar Blocks ($12)  made of durable wood.  They are also such a timeless decor piece to compliment any modern room. More gift ideas for Big Kids. 
5. Light up their imagination with our wireless Luna Night Light ($69). This is the best prop to spark their imagination with stories about our solar system.  Pair this with our Life on Mars Set ($59) for them to build connections about their curiosities of life beyond our planetMore gift ideas for Big Kids. 

6. Give them a closer glimpse of the starry night sky with this Night Sky Globe ($85) featuring all the constellations. Educational and stylish and endless nights of exploration! More gift ideas for Big Kids. 

Tweens, Ages 11-13


7. An LED Neon ‘Love’ Light ($19)  warms up the room and creates the right glowing vibe for story time, play time, or any time with loved ones.  Hang it or prop it on a shelf - take caution, things will get lit. More gift ideas for Tweens.
8. Create a warm and comfy bedtime atmosphere with the Cactus Knit Pillow ($62)Hand-knitted cotton makes this cactus the cuddliest cactus you’ve ever encountered. It’ll be the most soothing bedtime friend and standout decor piece for any room! More gift ideas for Tweens.

9. Kick it up a notch and gift them the ultimate experiential gift with a thematic playdate or party with the help of Cottonwood’s Party Bundles  ! This is the ultimate cognitive and social-emotional gift bound to creative long-lasting memories and connections. This Museum of Sweets Theme is our favorite theme this season! More gift ideas for Tweens.


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