DIY Valentines That the Kids Will Love

As a Kindergarten teacher, Valentines Day was one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. Gleaming smiles walking into the classroom with their hand-lettered surprises. Words of gratitude upon reading their valentines once received. It was the perfect teachable moment to intertwine kindness, inclusion, and friendship. Love was definitely in the air every February 14th! 

On the flip side, Valentines Day can be a more conflicting holiday for parents. The time. The assembling. The procrastination. The sugar overload...

Today we're sharing a roundup of our favorite DIY Valentines that are kid-friendly, don't involve candy, and easy to put together! I've always loved a good punny valentine! Enjoy the process of engaging with your kids and including them in the making of their valentines to hand out to classmates. Involving them will bring the ritual of handing out valentines more meaningful. In doing so, you'll also get to squeeze in the extra special quality time together. You could even host a party and craft up your valentines with friends - how fun would that be?! 

Love Bug Valentine originally inspired by Dandee Designs

(Read to the end for a free printable!)

love bug valentine

You Make My Heart Race by hello,Wonderful

You Are Just Write by Lemon Squeezy

Out of This World Valentine by Dandee Designs

Dinosaur Valentine by Girl on Trike

However you decide to tackle your valentines this year, we hope you find a fun way to make the process even more meaningful! 

And if you're considering throwing a crafternoon session with your friends, consider our Museum of Sweets decor bundle to for the sweetest love soiree! 


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