Celebrate December! A Family Fun Activity Guide

So it’s December… it's likely your weekends are marked with holiday parties, school functions, family gatherings, etc, etc. While the holidays can be fun and eventful, it’s easy to get swept up in the holiday whirlwind leaving yourself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Today we're sharing something to help you out - So you can focus on the important things like creating fun traditions and sharing memories to create a more positive, nurturing home life.

Research shows that fostering connections with your children creates a more secure attachment which can pan out in other areas of their life including immunity, academics, physiology, and overall well-being and contentment.

Use this guide for the month of December for ideas of fun activities to keep you engaged with your kiddos. Post it somewhere communal in the house so everyone can reference it and mark it in a special way to show how many of them you can get to. I’ve found that during the holidays, time seems to slip by so much faster, so it’s important to carve out some time each week, if not each day, to make quality memories and experiences with your loved ones. Hope you have a happy December! Subscribe down below for your FREE December Family Fun Guide!


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