Boo-A-Friend Halloween Activity [FREE printable]

It’s time to get creative in how we celebrate Halloween - and we have just the right thing to get everyone involved! This has quickly become one of our favorite October traditions and it’s easy to see why. What’s not to love about leaving a surprise, ringing the doorbell, and running away as fast as you can?! (consider it a contactless drop off!) Kids absolutely love helping with this BOO-a-Friend Halloween Activity and it’s the perfect way to get out of the house AND create excitement and smiles around your neighborhood! 

If this is all brand new to you, here’s how it works! 

halloween kids craft kit

  1. Prepare a fun surprise package - treats, decor, or our Halloween Creative Kit is perfect for families with little ones! 
  2. Print 2 copies of our BOO-A-Friend Printable (download link below - one for you and one copy for your friend to continue boo-ing others) 
  3. Cut + attach the You’ve Been Boo-ed tag (left side) to your surprise
  4. Adhere the We’ve Been Booed (right side) to your front door. 
  5. Drop off our package secretly without being seen or include a heartfelt note - your choice! :) 

Know a family who would love a busy box filled with fun Halloween activities to create with their little ones? Consider sending our newest Creative Kit - The Halloween Kit as part of your BOO-a-Friend package! 

halloween kids crafts

 Be sure to tag us @cwkidslifestyle if you try this with your friends, neighbors, and family!


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